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Fic: A Brief Rumination on Broken Promises

Title: A Brief Rumination on Broken Promises
Author: greta_garbo
Fandom: The Newsroom
Pairing: Don/Sloan
Rating: PG
Word Count: 711
Spoilers: General season one, but specific ones for 5/1
Disclaimers: It's not mine.... until I decide to 50 Shades of Grey it.
Summary: Sloan breaks a promise to herself.
Notes: I wasn't going to write anything else while I was working on a series. I was so adamant about it. And then I got this in my head and I couldn't get it out until I wrote it, so here it is.

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Fic: Stuck (2/?)

Title: Stuck: Elevator
Author: greta_garbo
Fandom: The Newsroom
Pairing: Don/Sloan
Rating: PG
Word Count: 1370
Spoilers: General season one, specifically Blackout Pt. 1
Disclaimers: I own nothing.
Summary: Don and Sloan get stuck together in random places. Tonight's chapter: An elevator during the blackout.
Notes: This takes place right after tonight's episode. Wanted to post it early so I can pretend it's canon for as long as I possibly can before it's completely blown apart by next week's episode.

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I'll Take You :: a Don/Sloan fanmix

Title: I'll Take You :: a Don/Sloan fanmix
Author: greta_garbo
Fandom: The Newsroom
Pairing: Don/Sloan
Tracks: 10

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Fic: Stuck (1/?)

Title: Stuck
Author: greta_garbo
Fandom: The Newsroom
Pairing: Don/Sloan
Rating: PG
Word Count: 750+
Spoilers: General season one
Disclaimers: All your characters are belonging to Sorkin
Summary: A series of fics with Don and Sloan getting stuck in various places together. Part One: Taxi

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Small icon post...

01-03 :: Community
04-12 :: Once Upon a Time
13-17 :: Justified
19-23 :: Arrested Developmen
24-22:: The Newsroom

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FIC: An Adventure (Without Pants)

Title: An Adventure (Without Pants)
Author: greta_garbo
Fandom: Community
Pairing: Jeff/Annie
Word Count: 908
Spoilers: General up to present episodes.
Disclaimer: All your characters are belonging to Harmon.
Notes: Holy crap, it feels so good to actually write and finish something! Even if it is less than 1000 words. It's been so long. This is from the first prompt from my Quotations Prompt project. ( would love, love, LOVE it for everyone to stop by and leave a quote. Just go here.) The quote was "Between safety and adventure, I choose adventure." - Craig Ferguson.

Which part isn’t that bad? The part where we’re trapped inside the walls of Greendale, or the part where neither of us are wearing pants?Collapse )

A writing exercise I want to try...

I have really been struggling with writing lately. I've had some massive writers block and I really need something to help me out of the funk. I've tried going through the ficcy Friday posts over at the Jeff/Annie group looking for prompts, but that's done nothing for me.

But I've always been good at basing stories around quotes. So here's something I want to try. Reply to this post with a quote and I will write a story for it. I will write for Jeff and Annie from Community and Rumplestiltskin and Belle from Once Upon a Time. Post the quote and specify which pairing. If the resulting story is long enough, I will post it to the respective group as its own story. Any stories that are shorter will be collected whenever I decide to stop doing this and they will be posted all together to their respective group.

Please help me out by posting!


01-18 Once Upon a Time
19-20 Arrested Develpment
21-28 Community (+1 wallpaper)

FIC: Psychology of Love

Title: The Psychology of Love
Author: greta-garbo
Fandom: Community
Pairing: Jeff/Annie
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 3575
Spoilers: General up to current episodes
Summary: Look, it’s not like Britta wanted to be able to see and the understand all the emotional problem her friends had. It wasn’t her fault that she had some kind of genius handle on psychology that made her understand their psyches better than even they did. She just happened to choose to right major.
Disclaimers: No. Just... no

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