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greta_garbo's Journal

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The Once and Future Kiki
27 March 1986
al/trixie, always sunny in philadelphia, april/andy, arrested development, as the world turns, ava/boyd, ava/raylan, batman, being human, ben/leslie, bill/jessica, blake/ross, boardwalk empire, books, boyd crowder, britta/troy, buffy, buffy/spike, cassandra/simon, chance/catherine, charlie/claire, charlie/zoey, cj/danny, community, cooper/audrey, danny/jordan, david lynch, dawn/andrew, dead like me, deadwood, delirium, dinah/mallet, doctor who, doctor/rose, dusty/jen, dusty/jennifer, eric/sookie, evelyn waugh, fables, firefly, firestar, frank borzage, fred and ginger, fred astaire, george michael/maeby, george sanders, ginger rogers, good omens, greta garbo, guerrero, guiding light, hodgins/angela, human target, hurley/libby, i capture the castle, jack/claire, jack/kate, jayne/river, jeff/annie, jessica/hoyt, jimmy/angela, jimmy/pearl, joan crawford, jonathan lethem, josh/donna, justified, leo/annabeth, leo/margaret, lost, madge evans, marvel comics, mason/daisy, matt/harriet, mitchell/annie, movies, mulholland drive, ned/chuck, neverwhere, newsradio, newt/anathema, nick and nora, nick/nora, nucky/margaret, olive/alfredo, oz/willow, parks and recreation, penelope/harry, phillip marlowe, pushing daisies, quentin/caddy, raymond chandler, rayne, richard/door, robert montgomery, rory/amy, sam/ainsley, sam/mallory, sandman, sawyer/claire, serenity, shannon/boone, snow/bigby, sound and the fury, studio 60, ten/rose, the avengers, the west wing, the wire, toby/andy, toby/ginger, tom/suzanne, true blood, twin peaks, veronica mars, veronica/logan, vile bodies, wesley/fred, wesley/lilah, william faulkner, xander/anya

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